On April 23, during a dinner hosted at Madrid’s spectacular Hotel Palace, the prizes for the ninth Sika "Best Project" competition were presented to companies which had come up with exceptional ways to apply Sika solutions. The dinner was attended by winners, jurors and directors of Sika Spain, accompanied by their partners.

Prizewinners pick up their awards

After the dessert course it was time for the award ceremony. Prizewinners had an opportunity to outline the development and features of their projects and take questions before picking up their awards to well-earned applause from the audience.

Who are the “Best of 2014?

Earning the recipient a wonderful trip for two, the "Best Project of 2014" award went to CIMA for the Puente Cristo del Amor de Marbella. Winners in the other categories each received a prize plus an exquisitely executed painting. This year's competition was a success, attracting a total of 72 submissions from 40 companies, including 19 first-time entrants. The idea behind the "Best Project" contest is to give Sika an opportunity to recognize specialized applications of their technology. Companies can submit photos (digital or paper) of a reference project embodying emblematic technical qualities or a novel form of implementation.

Winning references are published in leading magazines

The different award categories are civil engineering repair and waterproofing, roof waterproofing, construction repair and strengthening, pavements, decoration, plus a special accolade for the best sustainable construction. A book containing a collection of all the project profiles is also produced and mailed out to architects, government agencies, engineers and other subscribers. The winning references are published in leading magazines.

Application of Sika products

As well as five quality digital photos , entrants must provide information on the project start and end dates, the property, the builder or contractor, the process, the products applied, the surfaces treated, and consumption. Among the aspects to be assessed by the panel of recognized experts are the volume, quality and difficulty of the work, the innovative solutions employed, improved runtimes, and iconic features.

“Best project” work is shown to market leaders

A firm date on the agenda of professionals working with Sika solutions, the "Best Project" contest gives them an opportunity to showcase their foremost work to market leaders.

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